Can you tweak ODL request timer parameters?

asked 2017-01-07 08:50:02 -0700

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Hi guys,

I'm REALLY new to ODL and the whole openflow/sdn world in general. I'm carrying out a project to try and reduce openflow control traffic in an openflow topology. Essentially trying to optimze it, make it more efficient.

've got a little setup going on with mininet and ODL. I'm analyzing the packets of my topology with wireshark. And even with only 1 switch and 2 hosts, the openflow messages between the ODL controller and the mininet VM is insane. There is constant flowstats requests, queuestats requests, meterconfig requests, tablestats requests etc.. This seems like an awful lot of default control traffic with only 1 switch.

Is this level of traffic normal with ODL and openflow? And is there perhaps some way to tweak the timers of these requests so they're less frequent? I've been looking in the Yang UI in the DLUX GUI, I figured here would be the best place?

Many thanks!

P.S. Any tips/advice on methods in general to optimize control traffic between the controller and topology would be massively appreciated!

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