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What is the relation between config- and operational datastore?

asked 2017-01-05 03:59:36 -0700

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Hey community,

I'm currently trying to figure out how the relation between the configurational and the operational datastore. I have an assumption I would like to verify by asking you. It is depicted by the attachted picture I created.

What I understand is, that

  • ODL retrieves information about the network infrastructure and creates a model of it in the operational datastore.
  • This model can be accessed by applications by using a read transaction on said datastore.
  • Any changes can be written into the configurational datastore by using a write transaction.
  • ODL will automatically execute said changes to the network

Then the cycle repeats.

Is this how this works? If not, please let me now where I am wrong.

Many thanks and a good day to you all!

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answered 2017-01-05 10:37:21 -0700

In yang data model, the config data is supposed to be entered by network administrator. So it is readable and writable. For example, the host name of a linux machine.

The operational data is just some piece of runtime generated data such as CPU utilization, which can only be read, not writable.

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