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Controller doeasn't see the topology when working with Juniper.

asked 2017-01-04 13:18:13 -0700

Angelique gravatar image


I am working with Juniper MX80 and I enabled OpenFlow on it. The controller (Beryllium) doesn't see the topology. I have this features installed: odl-l2-switch-switch, odl-l2-switch-switch-ui, odl-dlux-all. When running command : run show openflow controller, it says controller connection status:up. I tried forcing ODL to use OpenFlow version 1.0 by typing ./bin/karaf -of10 Could someone help me?

Thanks in advance

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answered 2017-01-16 01:31:42 -0700

marcel gravatar image


Depending on your network setup, make sure that the controller can observe ARP requests and responses in the network.


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