Notification from Notification thread not delivered

asked 2016-12-07 08:15:06 -0700

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In my use case, a bundle A process is invoked upon receiving a notification. In order for that process to finish, it has to publish a notification.

What I have found is that the notification is not being published from within that parent notification thread pool-15-thread-1.

For example:

public class ParentNotificationListenerImpl implements ParentNotificationListener{

    private NotificationPublishService notificationPublishService;
    private NotificationService notificationService;

    public ParentNotificationListenerImpl(NotificationPublishService notificationPublishService,
            NotificationService notificationService) {
        this.notificationPublishService = notificationPublishService;
        this.notificationService = notificationService;

    public void onNotificationReceived(NotificationName notificationObject) {
         * do something


In the above example, the nested childNotification is not being delivered to its listener.

Is that an expected behavior?

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