Opendaylight Controller Ping

asked 2016-12-03 09:04:14 -0700

ybpranawa gravatar image

Hello, I'm doing some load balancing project on opendaylight. I know there are many algorithm in load balancing, but i want to design my own load balancing by creating some apps above the controller.

So, my project is get current throughput in 4 hosts and compare it in my application, so I can create flow based on the best throughput.

I'm using server socket in my application above the controller, and use client socket in my 4 hosts. but, now i'm unable to ping my controller. As you know, if i'm not able to ping between 2 end points I can't create socket application, right?

So, my question is how to enable ping/etc between hosts and controller? Or do you have any suggestion based on my project?


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