OVS port number changes on instance restart

asked 2016-11-30 01:56:49 -0700

devendra gravatar image

Hi All,

I have a Kilo+Lithium SR4 setup.

One observation i have seen is whenever an instance (VM) reboots its port number on OVS changes. It seems like that whenever an instance goes down (while rebooting or shutdown) ODL removes the corresponding port from OVS. The next time when the instance comes-up OVS treats it as a new instance and allocates the next available port number.

Please note this behavior is not seen in pure Openstack (without ODL). The port number remains same even after instance reboot.

Can anyone highlight if this is side effect of any feature or a bug in ODL?

I am planning to put some OVS flows based on port number and they don't work after an instance reboot.

Response will be appreciated

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