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Feature install error

asked 2016-11-29 09:06:57 -0800

ahuja gravatar image

opendaylight-user@root>feature:install odl-dlux-all odl-netconf-all odl-openflowplugin-all odl-openflowjava-all odl-mdsal-all Error executing command: Can't install feature odl-dlux-all/0.0.0: Error resolving artifact com.github.romix:java-concurrent-hash-trie-map:jar:0.2.23: Could not transfer artifact com.github.romix:java-concurrent-hash-trie-map:jar:0.2.23 from/to central ( ):

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answered 2016-11-29 13:05:12 -0800

updated 2016-11-29 13:23:14 -0800

Can you try to mvn clean install -Pq -U because some change occurred for that dependency recently.

Also, you don't need to install all those features, based on your repo, you have the default feature getting installed by default: It should install all you need.

I just pulled in your repo, compiled it, and ran it without issue. Maybe you should clean your local cache: rm -r ~/.m2/repository/org/opendaylight

Hope this helps, Alexis

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It didnt work Alexis. Same error again.

ahuja ( 2016-11-29 13:09:28 -0800 )edit

I edited my answer, it's working fine for me.

adetalhouet ( 2016-11-29 13:23:34 -0800 )edit

@adetalhouet Still not working. I even removed the entire repository, but no luck. I will look into this once again. Also can you tell what do you mean by change occurred (i did see the link , it didnt help much) and how -Pq helps?

ahuja ( 2016-11-29 14:48:36 -0800 )edit

-Pq it to use the "quite" profile, which make the compilation way faster. Regarding the change, a patch was merged in Beryllium code base, the one you're using. And your error is related to that, as the change make use of a different version of the artifact java-concurrent-hash-trie-map.

adetalhouet ( 2016-11-30 11:51:33 -0800 )edit

I have just recompile your whole project again, using the command in the answer, and it is working fine for me. It has to be a cache issue (~/.m2/repository) or your github repo doesn't have latest modification.

adetalhouet ( 2016-11-30 11:58:27 -0800 )edit
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