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onSessionInitiated not called ODL summit 2015 tutorial

asked 2016-11-23 08:29:23 -0700

jgray gravatar image

Hi, I am trying to follow the Hello tutorial from the 2015 summit. ( In ex.3 we add "implements BindingAwareProider" the the definition of the HelloProvider class, and then we also add: @Override public void onSessionInitiated(ProviderContext session) {"HelloProvider Session Initiated(2)"); helloService = session.addRpcImplementation(HelloService.class, new HelloWorldImpl()); }

My problem is that onSessionInitiated is not called... The initial generated HelloProvider has an init() function that is called but then I don't have the ProviderContext session and can not add the RPC implementation.

Does anybody have an idea?


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answered 2016-11-24 08:05:20 -0700

jgray gravatar image

Found the answer... In the Wiki page it has Archetype version 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT, but in the video of the event I saw that when Ed pasted the Archetype command it has version 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT. This means that the Wiki page was updated to a non working state. When I generated the project with 1.1.0 it works. At least as far as Ex.3...

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