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MD-SAL Data Remains after restarting karaf clean

asked 2016-11-17 21:37:24 -0700

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I have been developing over Lithium-SR4. However, whenever I re-run my OpenDaylight with "karaf clean." The MD-SAL data remains, and it only goes away when I re-compile it using "mvn clean install -DskipTests". Is there a better way to clean my MD-SAL?

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answered 2016-11-22 06:42:41 -0700


Using ./bin/karaf clean will start the container without any previously installed features, only with the default ones.

To completely clean the MD-SAL data, you should use this command at the root of the karaf directory: rm -rf data/* journal/* snapshots/*

The journal is event source based where each entry contains the affects of a transaction. On startup, the journal entries are played back to rebuild the data tree. Snapshots are taken periodically to avoid the journal getting too large.

A snapshot is just a flat file containing the serialized data tree. When a snapshot is taken, the journal entries are deleted. On startup, akka first plays back the last snapshot and then the journal entries.

Hope this helps, Alexis

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It worked beautifully. Thanks a million. Have a fantastic day!

labry ( 2016-11-22 16:39:26 -0700 )edit
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