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Hi Everyone,

Actually I am using ODL since awhile, specifically for flow programming. I am following YANG model for flow definition. However, the problems of flows still appear constantly. Hope anybody can discuss such issues: I defined a flow as follows {match: priority (30), src ip address, dest ip address, ip protocol, tcp dest port ; Action: output port}.

The syntax for the flow is correct, and it is accepted by the physical brocade switch. However, the packets should be forwarded according to such flow are only accumulated in the output port and could not be routed to the destination.

Then, I thought about the conflict with other flow defined as follows {match: priority (20) in port, src ip address, dest ip address; Action: output port}. This flow and previous one have the same ip src and dest addresses in the match. Although the first flow should be differentiated through ip protocol and dest port, and also given higher priority, it does not work. However, I just added in port to the fist flow, then it works fine.

The question, Why is this happened? Is it a conflict, please anybody can provide us with a good direction or reference about the possible cases of conflict?

Many thanks

Regards Walid

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