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asked 2016-11-01 17:05:20 -0800

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i made the following yang file

module foo-action { yang-version 1; namespace "urn:opendaylight:openflow:extension:foo:action"; prefix "foo-action";

import openflow-types {prefix oft;}
import openflow-action {prefix ofaction;}
import yang-ext {prefix ext; revision-date "2013-07-09";}

identity foo {
    description "Foo action description";
    base oft:action-base;

augment "/ofaction:actions-container/ofaction:action-choice" {
    ext:augment-identifier "foo-action";
        leaf first {
            type uint16;
        leaf second {
            type uint16;

is this the right way to create the yang file for extension?

please help

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