OpenFlow extensibility, create new module

asked 2016-10-27 04:16:39 -0800

almostcash gravatar image

First, we have to augment existing model. We create new module, which imports “openflow-types.yang” (don’t forget to update your pom.xml with api dependency). Now we create foo action identity:

import openflow-types {prefix oft;} identity foo { description "Foo action description"; base oft:action-base; }

I have few questions regarding the above openflow extension step.

we have to create a new module, now our new module should be like this (/openflow-protocol-api) module ?? /openflow-protocol-custom?

and importing “openflow-types.yang" means i have to create a java file and import openflow-types.yang in it? and we create foo action identity in it?

please help i am a newbie, just need to clarify these steps to kick start the extension process.

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