Some question about rest api on Boron relase

asked 2016-10-23 07:39:49 -0700

wwzoon gravatar image

Hello everyone, i'm a university student, i have some questions about Boron release and in particular about Rest Api: 1- Can i have some information about host that try to connect on switch? or handle this event/ notification this event? ( if a host with no flow entry for a match try to use a switch, the packet will send to controller and dropped, i can't know nothing about this drop with rest api?) 2- there are some specification about the real instruction that a switch can have? what means <dec-nw-ttl/>?? 3- i have installed the same features in Boron that i have installed on Beryllium, but i fail the ping test with no flow installed on switch ( main feature installed are: old-dlux-all, old-restconf-all, old-l2switch-all, old-mdsal-all, and some old-openflowplugin-x) Thank you so much for future answer, i hope its not a banal question

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