Query On SFC Creation on ODL Integrated with OpenStack Mitaka

asked 2016-10-14 01:02:46 -0700

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updated 2016-10-14 01:05:21 -0700

We have integrated the ODL setup with OpenStack and performing SFC chain creation. However we are not observing any SFC chain creation. This we have verified from Br-Int Dump flows, in which no changes in flow table is observed before and after the SFC creation. I need some clarifications on the purpose and configuring value of below mentioned parameters:- 1. Service Function Configuration Analysis – a. Usage of “URI of REST based management” b. NSH Aware – True or False ? c. For IP Based Data Plane locator, value of “Data-plane port number” d. Transport type – for OpenStack, should it be MAC or VXLAN ? 2. Service Function Forwarder Configuration – a. “The IP and Port used to configure this SFF” Parameter ? b. “URI of REST based management “ Parameter ? c. “Open vSwitch bridge name” - should it be br-int or OpenFlow-xxxxx d. “Transport type” for “Data Plane Locator” e. “Service Function Failmode” ? f. “Service Forwarder Interface” ? g. “Open vSwitch” Configuration – which all parameters are required ? 3. Access List/Classifier Configuration - a. “Differentiated Service Code – Point (DSCP)” ? b. “Attachment Point Type” – While configuring the Classifier

Thanks for sharing your support.

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