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How to delete ovs bridge using OVSDB northbound API?

asked 2016-10-13 08:15:42 -0700

Harold gravatar image

Hi, I was not able to find the way to delete ovs bridge or port using OVSDB northbound API.

I referenced following page

The spreadsheet says that the following request, DELETE http://ODL:8282/ovsdb/nb/v3/node/{nod...

will delete the row from database but it always give me error saying "Delete Operation Failed".

Anybody know how to make DELETE request work? Please help!

Thank you.

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answered 2016-10-13 13:49:58 -0700

What version of OpenDaylight you are using? OVSDB Northbound is deprecated since Lithium, hence can only be used prior to Lithium.

OVSDB project provides postman collection that can be used for such operation. To delete a bridge, you would use a similar request.

Hope this helps, Alexis

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Hi Alexis, thanks for your answer. I'm using Helium. and I tried to delete ovs bridge using a request in postman collection you gave me but didn't work. any features needs to be installed other than the followings? odl-restconf, odl-ovsdb-all, odl-l2switch-switch,odl-mdsal-apidocs, odl-dlux-all

Harold ( 2016-11-02 10:06:01 -0700 )edit

Any reason why you're using Helium. I would advice upgrading to a newer version. As the postman collection I postman collection I pointed you at is not compatible with Helium. Helium has a different design.

adetalhouet ( 2016-11-04 05:19:19 -0700 )edit
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