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How to mention custom icon in NavMenu in DLUX Module

asked 2016-10-10 09:48:17 -0800

Mandeep gravatar image

I am adding menu item in Dlux GUI (as part of new module implementation). Below is example from Dlux Develoer Guide

var module = angular.module('app.a_module', ['app.core']);
    module.config(function(NavMenuHelper) {
    NavMenuHelper.addToMenu('myFirstModule', {
        "link" : "#/module/index",
        "active" : "module",
        "title" : "My First Module",
        "icon" : "icon-sitemap",
        "page" : {
            "title" : "My First Module",
            "description" : "My first module"

In above example "icon" value is 'icon-sitemap', all possible values are either picked from odl-dlux-core or from loader-module (loader-resources/src/main/resources/assets/images/). But I wanted to have my custom icon (example "icon" : "mymodulemenu_icon").

I do not want to re-compile loader module only to add my custom icon. I tried bundling assets with my module and referring but no luck.

Any suggestion & pointer?

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answered 2016-10-14 05:07:45 -0800

mmcoulome gravatar image


The icon value need to be a class name. In this case, it's icon-sitemap who is part of the icon collection from font-awesome 3.

If you want to add your own icon, you will have to define it in your css file and link it there.

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