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Hi there,

I try to realize service function chaining in an OpenStack environment. I set up OpenStack with OpenDaylight as backend for Neutron using Devstack with networking-odl. It is deployed as a multi-node environment with three nodes. On the physical nodes, the NSH-enabled OVS-version 2.5.90 from Yi Yang is installed.

The goal is to run a HTTP-server in an OpenStack-instance. Access from a source OpenStack-instance should traverse a service function which also runs in a separate OpenStack-instance. The OVS on the physical nodes should work as classifiers. At the moment, the SFF is placed in a separate instance.

When configuring the OVS on the physical nodes as service nodes, a warning "OVS Node for IP address [...] does not exist!" is logged. A second entry states "Cannot build OvsdbBridgeAugmentation. Missing OVS Node augmentation on SFF SffName".

So, of course, the creation of the classifiers fails with an error "createdServiceFunctionClassifier: nodeName is null".

The complete logging output is found at [1]. The python script which was used for the configuration using the REST-interface is shown at [2] (taken from SFC-103 and adapted).

Does someone know how to solve this problem? There already exist some similar - unanswered - posts about SFC in OpenStack (see [3]). It seems that there is some interest about that topic in general.

[1] http://pastebin.com/mf813ikm [2] http://pastebin.com/bu2G8jwf [3] https://ask.opendaylight.org/question...

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