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opendaylight dlux compilation issue

asked 2016-09-28 05:45:37 -0700

While i was compiling the odl dlux module there was an error to install the npm and nodejs but after few minutes it compiled and showed build success. But when we searched the version of npm it showed that it was not installed so we made changes to the pom.xml configuration and added the latest version and installed the npm and nodejs but after that it showed build failure.

Now it has the latest npm and nodejs but still the build failure is there. What to do?

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answered 2016-09-28 22:47:18 -0700

bhavesh07 gravatar image

updated 2016-09-28 22:48:22 -0700

Opendaylight DLUX installs "npm" while building the module. No need to check it for the version on your local machine.

It has nothing to do with your local machine, it installs the npm to your working directory not locally to your machine. I suggest don't change anything into the pom.xml and build it. Make sure to have the download access to your machine.

Once it succeeds, you can use the DLUX.

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thanks bhavesh for the reply but the error came while compiling when we didnt change anything and it showed build success but the karaf file was not generated in target assembly folder.Then how we will start the karaf to see dlux ui in dlux module.

abhishekkaul ( 2016-09-28 22:58:31 -0700 )edit

@abhishekkaul Yes, it doesn't generate assembly directory now. To work with the same, please clone and build the distribution. Once build completes, run the karaf from distribution, install the required features. You'll be able to access DLUX.

bhavesh07 ( 2016-09-29 00:06:58 -0700 )edit

see bhavesh for compiling i cloned the code and compiled by running command mvn install -DskipTests but the problem is the build failure is there while compiling that is the reason karaf is not seen from distribution.Earlier it showed build success but there was no karaf as error was there in npm.

abhishekkaul ( 2016-09-29 02:39:44 -0700 )edit

@bhavesh i think your answer is related to opendaylight as a product setup but we are facing problem in odl code setup.

abhishekkaul ( 2016-09-29 03:11:03 -0700 )edit

@abhishekkaul Can you please tell me, which branch of DLUX you are using ?

bhavesh07 ( 2016-09-29 21:02:10 -0700 )edit
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