Web portal create flow go back to default page

asked 2014-05-21 22:15:06 -0800

kennyvic gravatar image

Try to add flow entry and whenever click the dropdown list to choose a node, the web browser goes back (refresh) automatically and stay in "devices" tab.

Any one knows the reason and how to fix it?

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This seems to be bug, Could you please open bug for it in bugs.opedndaylight.org?

Tony Tkacik ( 2014-05-21 23:51:49 -0800 )edit

Hi Tony, should I open a bug ticket even without rooting the cause? I am not sure whether others can duplicate the case.

kennyvic ( 2014-05-22 03:29:10 -0800 )edit

Please open ticket, seems to be bug, since that refresh prevents you from entering data, even if you did correct thing.

Tony Tkacik ( 2014-05-22 08:08:20 -0800 )edit

Hi Tony, I am new to this site. How could I open a ticket? I could confirm that it only happens when I use openflow 1.3 plugin.

kennyvic ( 2014-05-26 18:42:33 -0800 )edit

Please go to bugs.opendaylight.org, you do not know root cause but you know steps how to replicate it, so someone may look into it.

Tony Tkacik ( 2014-06-06 05:08:14 -0800 )edit