"extension-key" in openflowplugin extension

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I'm trying to add an extension to openflowplugin according to the nicira and confused at how to fill in "extension-key" in flow match:

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I filled in the "extension-key" with "nxm-of-udp-src-key", as defined in file "openflowplugin-extension-nicira-match.yang" as follows:

identity nxm-of-udp-src-key {
    base ext-gen:extension-key;

and I can find how it register the convertor with the "nxm-of-udf-src-key" in file "NiciraExtensionProvider.java":

    registrations.add(extensionConverterRegistrator.registerMatchConvertor(new ConverterExtensionKey<>(NxmOfUdpSrcKey.class, EncodeConstants.OF13_VERSION_ID), UDP_SRC_CONVERTOR));R));

where "NxmOfUdpSrcKey.class" is the compiled class type of "nxm-of-udf-src-key" by yangtools.

However, I found that odl cannot go right into the "UdpSrcConvertor.java" when remote debugging.

Who can help me?

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