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Is there a way to create VxLAN or L3 tunnels between two switches in ODL?

asked 2016-08-16 11:25:34 -0700

damarana gravatar image

Hi, as my title states, is there a way to create a tunnel between two different switches which have IP connectivity by using ODL? Something similar to L3VPNservice. The L3VPN service creates tunnels for new compute nodes or Openstack nodes that come up.

I'm wondering if there is a service that can create tunnels between just two switches?

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answered 2016-10-25 03:10:23 -0700

Vishal Thapar gravatar image

Genius project has a service that allows one to create tunnels between switches. You can refer Genius User Guide . Here is a modified version of the json to use. This requires a switch that supports OVSDB and OpenFlow protocols connected to ODL.

   "interfaces": {
   "interface": [
           "name": "VXLAN_TUNNEL:1",                              
           "type": "iana-if-type:tunnel",                        
           "odl-interface:tunnel-interface-type": "odl-interface:tunnel-type-vxlan",    
           "odl-interface:datapath-node-identifier": 156613701272907,
           "odl-interface:tunnel-source": "",           
           "odl-interface:tunnel-destination": "",      
           "odl-interface:monitor-enabled": false,               
           "odl-interface:monitor-interval": 10000,               
           "enabled": true                                       

The key fields here are that are not very obvious are: datapath-node-identifier - this is the dpid of the OVS bridge on which you want to add the tunnel. you will need two such interfaces, one on each bridge. You can ignore/disable the monitoring parameters.

This uses Genius' ITM service to create such interfaces. You can also use OVSDB Plugin to create them yourself. OVSDB Postman collection makes it very easy to use it. Genius internally uses OVSDB plugin to create vxlan interfaces.

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