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The search button is one of the most important functions in this community. The search box is way too small. I tried both Chrome and Firefox. This issue has not be fixed in the last 2 months.

I do care about this because these small things do not help to promote OpenDaylight.

Do you know any way to contact the web developers of this website? I asked the same question on IRC but none answered.

I am sorry for OT. I suggest to delete this question as soon as the problem is solved.

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I guess you could try contacting, since all requests there get assigned a ticket number. The site is using an external (not developed in-house) open source Q&A platforms, and so any bug reports should be directed to that project (unless we're using an older version).

lori ( 2016-08-11 09:01:30 -0700 )edit

I just contacted helpdesk about this issue, I'll update the comment section when I hear back.

lori ( 2016-08-11 12:50:43 -0700 )edit