Packet filter and dependency in Activator class

asked 2014-11-26 01:41:13 -0700

anonymous user


Now I am trying to develop a bundle on the controller to handle PACKET IN event for my packets and pass ARP messages to ARPHandler bundle.

In the Activator Class of my bundle, I tried to set:

Dictionary<string, object=""> props = new Hashtable<string, object="">(); props.put("salListenerName", "myModule"); Match match = new Match(); short ethertype = EtherTypes.IPv4.shortValue(); match.setField( new MatchField(MatchType.DL_TYPE, ethertype) ); //Ip packet</string,></string,>

props.put("salListenerFilter",match); //matching my packets props.put("salListenerDependency","arphandler");

however my bundle is still receiving ARP messages. Where am I wrong ? Thanks.

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