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Delete a flow

asked 2016-07-15 02:24:56 -0800

mann8352 gravatar image

How to delete any specific flow from a switch using flow-id using Rest api call?

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answered 2016-07-16 10:40:52 -0800

Lets say flow id is 111

Invoke the following rest call with method DELETE to delete the flow:

http://<ODL IP>:8181/restconf/config/opendaylight-inventory:nodes/node/openflow:1/table/0/flow/111
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Thanks @subhash, but I couldn't delete the flow using the above mentioned method. Are you sure that it works? Because in my case I am not able to open the url itself(using the flow ids which are present).

mann8352 ( 2016-07-16 16:31:01 -0800 )edit

Could you share the version of ODL you are using. In that url you have to change the method. That should work.

subhash ( 2016-07-17 02:48:40 -0800 )edit

Thanks @subhash a lot, actually it works. I was making some mistakes in url.

mann8352 ( 2016-07-18 00:22:56 -0800 )edit

What happens if that flow is linked with a group and the group is deleted?

sunilkumarms ( 2017-09-15 01:06:59 -0800 )edit

answered 2016-07-17 17:46:25 -0800

ljyfree gravatar image

@mann8352 Did you open the uri directly in web browser or some rest client such like Chrome postman?

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I opened url directly in browser.

mann8352 ( 2016-07-17 19:53:41 -0800 )edit

@ljyfree the method suggested by @subhash is working fine. Thanks guys

mann8352 ( 2016-07-18 00:24:13 -0800 )edit

You are welcome

subhash ( 2016-07-19 11:11:03 -0800 )edit
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