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Config vs Operational ?

asked 2016-07-12 05:07:42 -0800

anonymous user


What is the major difference between config and operational data store ? I understand that Config data store will have the information which user pushing , Operational information that comes from the system ;and during run time config data will be reflected to Operational ,isn't it? But my doubt is

1 . what is the need of Config if all the data is reflecting to Operational?

2.Can anyone give me a simple example (scenario where Config -> Operational exchange)

3.Any Document / link specifically for Data Store ?

4.Where can i find the source code of Data Store implementation in ODL ?

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answered 2016-07-12 16:31:48 -0800

tsubasa gravatar image

Config is volatile. Operational is Non-volatile.

So, config data still exists after restart karaf. But, operation data doesn't exists

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