Code generation error using the yang-maven-plugin

asked 2016-07-06 09:49:53 -0700

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updated 2016-07-06 09:50:30 -0700

Hi, I was trying to generate Java files using the yang-maven-plugin but one of the .yang file couldn't be parse successfully. Basically, this .yang file contains a leaf-list of type binary.

The error:

[ERROR] symbol:   method clone()
[ERROR] location: variable _x of type java.util.List<byte[]>
[ERROR] /C:/.../target/generated-sources/sal/org/opendaylight/yang/gen/v1/http/...: [114,64] cannot find symbol
[ERROR] symbol:   method clone()

Is there any reason why this scenario isn't supported?

I'm using:



Thank you!

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