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Configuring ODL

asked 2016-06-29 09:15:30 -0700

networkODL gravatar image


I installed distribution-karaf-0.4.2-Beryllium-SR2 on a redhat 7 server. I installed Java 7 and now I am unzipped the distribution, ran karaf and then installed the following features:

feature:install odl-restconf odl-l2switch-switch odl-mdsal-apidocs odl-dlux-core

I followed these instructions and logged in. However the screen is completely blank, the center and left panels are blank. Does anyone know why this is? If I add more features do they automatically take effect or do I need to reboot or something? Also do I need to stay in karaf to keep the server up?


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answered 2016-07-07 04:53:01 -0700

karthik330 gravatar image

Hi , After installing feature , if it is success , it will not show you any message,log in karaf console. It throws error If suppose the feature could not be installed .you can install more features , you dont need to do anything explicitly. To know background process, Check the Log file /karaf/target/assembly/data/log/karaf.log ! .

tip: feature:list -i = this command list the features which are installed.

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