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Simplest OpenDaylight Controller?

asked 2016-06-28 13:32:33 -0800

qwertyuiop gravatar image

Hi all, I am a student who's interested in learning Opendaylight controller development, specifically, I just want to create a very simple controller that acts as a demo for Software Defined Networking. (can be any functions, the more basic the function, the better) I have downloaded the VM from sdnhub and followed their tutorial. However, I don't feel like this is the best environment for an absolute beginner and for my purpose stated above, as they have some sample code written. (like a learning switch?)

Any suggestions for how I should approach my task and how to set up my work environment?

Thank you!!

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answered 2016-07-07 04:07:43 -0800

karthik330 gravatar image

Hi ,

why are you using hydrogen? Go for beryllium . In hydrogen is old and currently too many things deprecated(AD-SAL) from hydrogen ; So suggest you to go the latest .

Hello Sample Project

Toaster Step by Step

Go through these links.As a start up try to know RPC, DataBroker, Instance Identifier, Data Store, Notifications ,.etc Then build your own applications as you need !

Regards, -Karthik

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Hi, thank you for your response. I'm using hydrogen because it doesn't use YANG, and that simplifies things for me. Correct me if I'm wrong. It seems to me you only need to write two java classes to build a component for OSGi.

qwertyuiop ( 2016-07-07 06:27:15 -0800 )edit

Dude, If you dont want yang , then there is no use to stay in ODL ! ; Yang also not too tough to learn, . So plz use the latest one. Start from hello project, and you will be familiar in MD-SAL soon. shift+delete the hydrogen , clone beryllium :-)

karthik330 ( 2016-07-07 07:24:04 -0800 )edit

I understand your point. However, for someone who just wants to learn the basics of ODL and develop a very simple controller, within a month's time. Wouldn't hydrogen be sufficient enough?

qwertyuiop ( 2016-07-07 07:40:25 -0800 )edit

you want to learn basics of ODL right? yang is the base of ODL! ; How will you learn basics without base? you have 1 month. More than enough to develop simple controller. In ODL-latest versions have more features.Apart from that if you are creating new simple application,that will take latest ODL!!!

karthik330 ( 2016-07-07 08:16:25 -0800 )edit

When you develop new application it will download the latest ODL and its dependencies! . So that time you will face problem. Just familiar with Hello Project , that is enough for startup .Some videos also there which you can refer

karthik330 ( 2016-07-07 08:18:47 -0800 )edit

answered 2016-07-06 09:21:47 -0800

monicarajasekaran gravatar image

From my perspective, Opendaylight is not a simple controller for a beginner. I would recommend that you play with Ryu controller which is fairly easier to understand.

You could create your own application and instruct how it should handle packets and communicate with the virtual switch.

Please refer the following for better understanding:

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Thank you for your response! However, I want to stick with ODL. I have gotten Hydrogen on my pc and have implemented a simple OSGi component. I feel like this is okay for me in terms of difficulty. Would you say I'm on the right track with this approach?

qwertyuiop ( 2016-07-06 09:48:05 -0800 )edit

If you are trying to learn the working of the controller you could develop an application for yourself and invoke it when karaf starts up. And in the implementation part, you could specify how to communicate with a virtual switch. I am not very familiar with using OSGi components.

monicarajasekaran ( 2016-07-06 13:12:46 -0800 )edit

I don't think Hydrogen has karaf yet, but OSGi components can control communication and can be turned on and off like karaf. I like it better since I cannot find a suitable guide for developing applications with the RESTful APIs

qwertyuiop ( 2016-07-06 13:22:10 -0800 )edit
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