Service Chain SFC installation configuration

asked 2016-06-28 05:59:53 -0700

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I'm having some difficulties in installing and creating a simple test topology using Service Function Chain.

Controller: Beryllium

OVS: 2.4 or 2.5

I've installed everything with karaf:

feature:install odl-sfc-model odl-sfc-provider odl-sfc-provider-rest odl-sfc-ui odl-sfc-netconf odl-sfc-test-consumer odl-sfc-ovs odl-sfcofl2 ( "odl-sfc-core" mentioned in [1] no longer exists in Beryllium )

When I go the SFC-->System Info menu in DLUX, all the modules have a 404 HTTP status code - Not Found (empty datastore or wrong RESTconf URL). In the example provided [2], it says it is supposed to have all "All components should be green with the exception of sfclisp."

Also, in the instructions provided in [2], it's suppose to exist an SFC Agent that can be started by running the script "". This does not exist on my installation.

--------------------- OVS -----------------------

Tried to install the OVS patch mentioned in [3] (Building Open vSwitch with VxLAN-GPE and NSH support) but unsuccessfully since I get some errors. So, I also needed some help on this. I've searched to see if OVS 2.5 still needs the patch but couldn't find anything confirming that.

*Can anyone help me out on this? *



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