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ODL to Mitaka Neutron integration: VTN or ML2_mechanism? docs

asked 2016-06-17 15:11:02 -0700

dhiman gravatar image

Hello, I have installed ODL Beryllium and OpenStack Mitaka release for Neutron controller Node on Ubuntu 14.04 lts. I plan to use OpenFlow at South Bound Interface for ODL and hence thought of using ODL VTN since it supports Openflow at Southbound Interface of ODL. Is there a better way to integrate ODL and Neutron? I heard of ML2 mechanism driver for ODL.

What installation process is better for above configuration? Please suggest any documentation available to configuration VTN to Neutron or similar other than Devstack.

Appreciate. Thanks Dhiman

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answered 2016-06-22 00:01:04 -0700


Sorry for the delayed response and thanks for your interest in vtn project. For the ODL-Mitaka neutron integration, Kindly follow the steps in the below mentioned wiki page link:

Here, in the steps to install openstack in centos section please replace juno to mitaka.

yum -y install

Please mail to vtn-dev for any further clarifications and help.

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answered 2016-06-22 17:20:34 -0700

dhiman gravatar image

Hi Swethalakshmi, Appreciate your response. Please the sliddeck for details at and explanation at Thanks Dhiman

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