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Changing ideal timeout of karaf Console [closed]

asked 2016-06-06 07:20:43 -0700

harsha gravatar image

Hi there! How to change or remove ideal time out of karaf console? Thanks in Advance.

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answered 2016-06-06 08:39:11 -0700

jgoodyear gravatar image

updated 2016-06-06 08:40:45 -0700

Are you referring to using the SSH client to connect to ODL-Karaf?

Update the value for ssh idle time out in ODL/etc/

#The sshIdleTimeout defines the inactivity timeout to logout the SSH session.
#The sshIdleTimeout is in milliseconds, and the default is set to 30 minutes.
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@jgoodyear Yes and ThankYou!

harsha ( 2016-06-06 08:49:51 -0700 )edit

You're welcome :)

jgoodyear ( 2016-06-06 09:01:22 -0700 )edit

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