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netvirt neutron interface

asked 2016-06-06 02:58:43 -0700

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Hi Guys

I am trying to integrate opendaylight -Beryllium netvirt project to opennebula. I decide to re uses neutron REST API .

This is what i have configured in org.apache.karaf.features.cfg" featuresBoot=config,standard,region,package,kar,ssh,management,odl-restconf-all,odl-aaa-authn,odl-dlux-all,odl-mdsal-apidocs,odl-ovsdb-openstack,odl-ovsdb-ui,odl-netvirt-api,odl-netvirt-rest,odl-netvirt-ui,odl-neutron-service

This is what i have send, all calls are succesfully excuted.

{ "network": { "id": "4e8e5957-648e-477b-9e5b-f1f75b21c03c", "name": "net1", "adminstateup": true, "shared": false, "tenantid": "9bacb3c5d39d41a79512987f338cf177", "router:external": false, "provider:networktype": "vxlan", "status": "ACTIVE", "subnets": [], "segments": [] } } { "subnet": { "id": "55555555-648e-477b-9e5b-f1f75b21c03c", "network id": "4e8e5957-648e-477b-9e5b-f1f75b21c03c", "name": "subnet", "tenantid": "9bacb3c5-d39d-41a7-9512-987f338cf177", "ipversion": 4, "cidr": "", "gatewayip": "", "dnsnameservers": [ ""], "enabledhcp": true, "allocation_pools":[{"start":"","end":"" }] } } { "port": { "id": "66666666-648e-477b-9e5b-f1f75b21c03c", "network id": "4e8e5957-648e-477b-9e5b-f1f75b21c03c", "name": "port", "tenantid": "9bacb3c5-d39d-41a7-9512-987f338cf177", "macaddress": "aa:bb:cc:dd:ff:12", "fixedips": [{"ipaddress":"","subnetid":"55555555-648e-477b-9e5b-f1f75b21c03c"}], "deviceid": "d6b4d3a5-c700-476f-b609-1493dd9dadc0", "deviceowner": "" } }

But when i check the openvswitch host , I do not see any port created.

Have i missed something ?

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answered 2016-08-15 06:35:11 -0700

The ports are created by nova normally. So you have to start a vm with the neutron port connected to in first.

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