API opendaylight-port-statistics parameters

asked 2016-05-26 01:20:20 -0700

lucasimone gravatar image

I'm trying to use the opendaylight-port-statistics API but I could not find the right body parameter to send. both the api are POST:

1) http://odl-server:8181/restconf/opera... 2) http://odl-server:8181/restconf/opera...

But when I try to use the first one with the following body

http://odl-server:8181/restconf/opera... { "input": { "node": "openflow:2" } }

I got this error: Error sending request - : Error parsing input: Could not parse Instance Identifier 'openflow:2'. Offset: 0 : Reason: Identifier must start with '/'.

Can anybody help me to figure out how the input parameter should be? Any documentation that can help me. Is it possible also fetch those data programmatically?

thanks indeed Luca

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