Unable to connect to external network after ODL and OpenStack integration

asked 2016-05-25 22:43:27 -0800

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Hi everyone,

I have a three node OpenStack(Kilo) set up and it is been integrated to Opendaylight(Lithium).

Network node has 3 interfaces each connected to management, instance tunnel and external network. The external network interface was used to create ovs br-ex bridge.

Before integrating it with Opendaylight, the external network was working fine and I was able to access the instances using the floating IPs assigned.But the connectivity fails after the integration.

For integration I followed the below mentioned blog. http://www.hellovinoth.com/openstack-...

The router gateway interface of external network is always down and the floating IPs assigned are not reachable. However, the instances are getting internal IP address and are connected to each other.

Please help me in resolving the external network connectivity issue.

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Kirthi

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I have followed the same link for the integration. But, I'm seeing "create_network_postcommit failed" error while creating the networks after the integration. Did you face this issue? Seems like you are able to create networks now. Thanks

crajaganesh86 ( 2016-06-02 00:45:22 -0800 )edit

create_network_postcommit failed error will occur if you haven't configured the ml2_conf file properly. Check the mechanism_driver parameter and the [ml2_odl] block in the config file. You might have missed some characters. I got the same error when I missed a semicolon.

Kirthi ( 2016-06-02 02:41:47 -0800 )edit

Thank You. The problem is at the ODL end. I have used Beryllium which is not properly integrating with Kilo OS. I changed the ODL version as Helium and now I am able to create networks, routers, etc without any issues. But, still the router gateway DOWN issue remains.

crajaganesh86 ( 2016-06-02 22:01:49 -0800 )edit