Error: RTNETLINK answers: No such file or directory

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updated 2016-05-24 06:40:41 -0800

I am using mininet with ODL(distribution-karaf-0.4.0-Beryllium) to emulate a fat tree topology topology. I installed following features in ODL:

opendaylight-user@root>feature:install odl-dlux-core

opendaylight-user@root>feature:install odl-l2switch-all

When I ping between hosts using "pingall" command, the result is as follows:

mininet> pingall

* Ping: testing ping reachability

h11 -> X X X X X X X

h12 -> h11 X X X X X X

h13 -> X X h14 X X X h24

h14 -> X X h13 X X X h24

h21 -> X X X X X X X

h22 -> X X X X X X X

h23 -> X X X X X X X

h24 -> X X h13 h14 X X X

* Results: 87% dropped (7/56 received)

Neither hosts not the proper interconnection of switches are seen in web ui. I use python script to generate the topology. While adding links, the following warning message comes out:

(5.00Mbit 10ms delay 0% loss) * Error: RTNETLINK answers: No such file or directory(t24, a23)

Here t24 and a23 are two switches. Similar error comes for each connection between any two switches. What does this error mean and how to overcome it. I am using Ubuntu 16.04. Please help me out of the situation.

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