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Problems with pushing flow on odl beryllium

asked 2016-05-17 04:18:31 -0700

ugurersoy gravatar image

updated 2016-05-17 04:40:54 -0700

hello all,

I am a bit new to sdn and opendaylight. I created simple linear=2 topology with mininet and connected to odl as controller. when I push the line below I sometimes get input required error.Sometimes pushing flow succeed and see it in flow table.

LINE: curl --user "admin":"admin" -H "Accept: application/xml" -H "Content-type: application/xml" -X PUT -d @Flow1 ''

ERROR: <errors xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:yang:ietf-restconf"><error><error-type>protocol</error-type><error-tag>malformed-message</error-tag><error-message>Input is required.

Do you know why this is happening?

Btw, sometimes despite I push the flow successfully, cant see it in flow table. any hint to resolve this issue? What stuff should I check?

additionally, I hardly start odl. Mostly cant see 6633 port on list of listened ports. does that sound like performance problem? I just reserved 1.5Gb ram for vm.

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answered 2016-05-17 05:33:55 -0700

karthik330 gravatar image

updated 2016-05-17 05:36:40 -0700

You haven't given input to the REST API.
Refer: link text

link text

link text As for your performance, it will be slow since you are using VM. Try increasing RAM if possible or go with native linux installation.

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this is the error I sometimes encounter. mostly it accepts flow without any error, I will follow your advice for performance issue, thank you.

ugurersoy ( 2016-05-17 11:59:10 -0700 )edit

make sure the value in the path (table/0/flow/1 ) -> should be same in your xml data content !. May be you are changing the table / Flow id in URL but not in xml data content .Thats why you might get error.

karthik330 ( 2016-05-19 05:38:18 -0700 )edit
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