Implement PCMM using OpenDayLight

asked 2016-05-06 07:33:40 -0700

Ulises gravatar image

Hello everyone,

I came across OpenDayLight a couple of days ago, I have been working with a partner on deploying it on an ISP. We have installed ODL (Beryllium) and what we want to achieve is to use PCMM to communicate with an Arris CMTS in order to dynamically create service flows.

I could install all PCMM features usring karaf console, and implement a CCAP and a Gate using Postman interface with this commads.


Create APP PUT

Create Suscriber PUT

Create Gate PUT

But in can't see the changes in the CMTS console

C4# show packetcable gate
Gate-Id Typ D Stat PDP-IP Subscriber-ID


I need some help for understand ODL operation.


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