How to create Vlan using OpenDaylight VTN Co-Ordinator with docker

asked 2016-05-05 04:50:00 -0700

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Currently i am working with Docker Container to Managed Networking via OpenDaylight

I had following scenario

1)I had 2 Vm on Same Subnet let say and 2)Launch 4 docker Container 2 on each like Docker1,Docker2,Docker3,Docker4 3)Created the bridges and interfaces required on each host and set gre tunnel on it

4)started Container without any Network on both hosts

5)Using Ovs-work i assign Ip,BroadCast ,Gateway and Vlam id 2 each docker on both hosts

like Docker 1->Vln1 Docker 2 -->vlan2 Docker 3 ->Vlan1 Docker 4--->Vlan2

So, when i am testing icmp packet using ping Our Vlan Scenario Working as expected like

Docker1--> Docker3 Both on same Vlan So Ping Success
Docker2--> Docker4 Both on same Vlan So Ping Success
Docker1--> Docker4 Both on Different Vlan So Ping fails

But when i am attaching Bridge to Open Daylight Controller

Ii byPass MAnual Vlan creation by me

so i had Followed Rest api for Vtn Co-Ordinator to create Vtn,VBridge,Vlan

after that also i cant able to Do Vlan testing As it was before without OpenDaylight

Its great helpful to guide me this scinario

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May i just want to Confirms that weather OpenDaylight Rest Api for VTN ,VLan Supportable for docker .please help me to get this ansewers

vikashsingh005 ( 2016-05-08 05:12:02 -0700 )edit

please get me Answers of this , as long as i cant . i did not proceeds at next level

vikashsingh005 ( 2016-05-09 07:31:13 -0700 )edit