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asked 2016-05-01 09:48:56 -0800

zaid1996 gravatar image

hi everyone ,i have a problem with opendaylight,i have to install features every time i shutdown my virtual machine . what should i do ? thanks.

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answered 2016-05-02 05:35:01 -0800

azhark gravatar image

Why do you feel that features are gone once you logout. Did you check with this command; feature:list -i I think when you login to OpenDaylight, you need to wait few minutes so that DLUX loads (your hardware is probably not upto specifications).

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answered 2016-05-02 10:01:20 -0800

zaid1996 gravatar image

and why sometimes when i want to login opendaylight dlux it show me " unable to login " , and i install odl-dlux-all but the same message problem it being show ? is there a fix for the problem?

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As I said wait few minutes. After you login OpenDaylight, you won't be able to login to DLUX right away (due to your hardware limitation). I also wait around couple of minutes before DLUX log me in. However, if you increase your RAM and use Quad Core Processor, you may login right away.

azhark ( 2016-05-03 01:38:40 -0800 )edit
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