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Question: Toaster step-by-step

asked 2014-05-20 16:32:44 -0700

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updated 2014-05-20 16:34:24 -0700

(1). I read the tutorial about how to build the toaster step-by-step.

OpendaylightToaster is an implementation that provides operational Toaster. However, this is not a part of the code generated by Yang Tools. We have to do it by ourselves.

If I build a new project, shall I just follow the template provided by this example? Or is there any modeling tools for this?

(2). As we can see in github, the openflow plugin and openflow library (openflowjava) are built outside the controller(unlike the Toaster example). If I want to use this plugin, shall I drag something (like bundle in the target folder) into osgi container in ODL controller?

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answered 2014-05-20 23:38:28 -0700

Tony Tkacik gravatar image

1) We do not have modeling tools for whole applications. Toaster is simple plugin example, but there are others plugins such as BGP, PCEP and Openflowplugin which are more complicated.

Other additional samples are in development to illustrate other bit more complex use cases.

2) Yes, if your plugin is build outside controller, you need to copy your JAR files to plugins folder of Opendaylight distribution.

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