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pushing simple flow

asked 2016-04-15 01:25:58 -0700

luis999 gravatar image

updated 2016-04-15 01:26:35 -0700


i have create a custom topology in mininet and have install opendaylight.

on my opendaylight, i have install ' old-dlux-all ' , ' odl-l2switch-switch-ui ' and ' odl-netconf '.

i have just started learning netconf and i only able to request node info from opendaylight(yang ui)

i have look through some xml structure example online but i am still unable to understand the parameter/xml structure for pushing flow

my question are

1)what is the xml structure like for a flow?

cookie=0x2b00000000000000, duration=11.758s, table=0, npackets=0, nbytes=0, i dleage=11, priority=2,inport=2 actions=output:1

2) which parameter field are required in a xml structure in order to push flow?

many thanks in advance. :)

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answered 2016-04-15 03:29:47 -0700

karthik330 gravatar image

Hi , xml structure is depends on your need . If you want to add match (IP/MAC),you could add.

Go through these links ,

link text

link text

link text

here is simple xml with match as inport and action as output.

In restconf you can see SAL-FLOW API ,There you can use this xml structure to add flow .Once you done it , check the flow using ovs-ofctl dump-flows s1 , It will be reflected .

For device -> openflow:1 , if Inport is 3 (Match) , Action will be Output to 1

.image description

You can also use http://<ctrl-addr>:8080/restconf/config/opendaylight-inventory:nodes/node/<node-id>/table/<table-#> flow="" <flow-#><="" p="">

  • Accept: application/xml
  • Content-Type: application/xml

For example:

PUT http://localhost:8080/restconf/config... . You will get the xml parameters for this API in the above link .

Thanks, -Karthik

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thank you but i still can't manage to pash a flow.

luis999 ( 2016-04-17 18:37:12 -0700 )edit

i got it work, thank you

luis999 ( 2016-04-18 01:00:53 -0700 )edit
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