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Running ncmount application in Beryllium distribution

asked 2016-04-08 00:58:17 -0700 gravatar image

First of all is it possible to run the Netconf Mount application in beryllium? If so I have installed the Beryllium version and am trying to work with NETCONF device. As starting point, I am using netconf testtool to simulate the device, and it is ok. But I can't go further. There is a guide to develop an application (i.e., the Netconf Mount), but It is a bit difficult. My difficulty is that I am unable to pull the coretutorials code, and build it using maven. How can I add the coretutorials repository to Beryllium? I have followed the guidelines, but it returns an error and is not successful. The guide line is given in this link:

The following section is taken from the guideline tutorial which is not working for me.

Getting the controller up and running

Starting the Controller

There are two options for downloading the ODL controller distribution: • Download pre-built generic ODL controller distribution from e.g. a recent integration project distribution) • Use the custom distribution built by the ncmount tutorial project. The distribution can be found in ncmount/target/assembly and it contains all the features that are required to run the ncmount app already pre-installed.

If you work with a generic distribution, you have to install the pre-requisite features: • Start karaf: ./karaf

• Once karaf starts, add coretutorials repository:

repo-add mvn:org.opendaylight.coretutorials/ncmount-features/1.1.0-SNAPSHOT/xml/features

Note: It might be necessary to pull the coretutorials code ( ) and build it using maven (cd coretutorials; mvn clean install) • Install features for restconf, netconf connector(southbound), netconf northbound for config, netconf northbound for MD-SAL, ncmount(netconf coretutorial) ... and all their dependencies:

feature:install odl-restconf-all odl-netconf-mdsal odl-ncmount odl-netconf-connector-all

Thank you.

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Were you able to fix this issue ?

kbhupal ( 2016-04-11 10:18:40 -0700 )edit

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answered 2016-05-30 06:20:02 -0700


Are you still facing issues? What exactly do you want to achieve?

I believe this NCMount example is partially deprecated, but I can certainly assist you in using ODL NETCONF capabilities to achieve your goal.

Thanks, Alexis

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