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Capability Of Opendaylight CLI

asked 2016-03-28 19:58:00 -0700

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updated 2016-03-28 20:21:36 -0700


i have started using opendaylight for 2 week and i only use Opendaylight CLI for installing/uninstall (features/repo/bundle). most of the configuration are done on DLUX(Yang UI) or Postman

my question are

1) Can Opendaylight CLI configure flow and edit algorithm?

2) Is there a way to edit opendaylight algorithm(OSPF/IS-IS)?

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answered 2016-03-28 23:27:55 -0700

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My lithium distribution has the following configuration files listed:

ls etc/opendaylight/karaf/
00-netty.xml                       39-pcep-provider.xml
01-md-sal.xml                      40-inventory-manager.xml
01-netconf.xml                     41-bgp-example.xml
04-xsql.xml                        42-openflowplugin-He.xml
05-clustering.xml                  43-msg-spy.xml
06-clustered-entity-ownership.xml  45-openflowjava-stats.xml
08-authn-config.xml                50-packethandler.xml
10-restconf-service.xml            52-loopremover.xml
10-rest-connector.xml              54-arphandler.xml
20-tcpmd5.xml                      56-addresstracker.xml
30-forwardingrules-manager.xml     57-hosttracker.xml
30-programming.xml                 58-l2switchmain.xml
30-statistics-manager.xml          70-of-switch-config-pusher.xml
31-bgp.xml                         71-lldp-speaker.xml
32-pcep.xml                        72-topology-lldp-discovery.xml
33-pcep-segment-routing.xml        73-topology-manager.xml

If you want to leverage some of the dynamic routing in opendaylight, I recommend you redistriubute into bgp and peer opendaylight using the 31-bgp.xml file.



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