view all unmatched flows sent to controller

asked 2016-03-25 02:18:14 -0700

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I have what seems like a simple question which I have not been able to answer myself searching through the various yang containers in opendaylight.

I understand the openflow enabled switch operation can be summed with the below:

When an inbound packet arrives, the switch goes through its Flow Table(s) to try and match the different headers of the packet to an action. If one is matched, it carries the corresponding action. If not it sends the packet (or part of it depending on the configuration) to the Controller with a PACKET IN message. The Controller then replies back the final decision about the packet, whether it is to forward it with a PACKET OUT message or drop it entirely. It possibly writes an action in the switch’s Flow Table with a FLOW MOD message in case another packet from the same flow comes up.

My question is whether or not this information can be found in a config or operational container in opendaylight, or if this is something that needs to be programmed into the system.

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