DLUX Yang UI gets stuck in "loading/processing modules"

asked 2016-03-24 09:28:28 -0700

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I tried the Yang UI. While ODL is working with my Switches (I can see and push flows using restconf) I can see the switches in the map and in the node list. But when I click on Yang UI the browser shows me 'load modules" sometimes it progresses to processing modules, CPU is at a 100% but nothing ever happens.

Might I have installed the Yang UI wrong? I tried in stalling odl-dlux-all as well as old-dlux-core and specifically adding -ui packages.

Any help appreciated,


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Even I am getting a similar error on Yang UI- Loading modules from controller - Linking augments

siddharthgogar ( 2016-03-26 19:29:59 -0700 )edit

@ kagouros I am facing the same problem. Will you please infirm me how u added flows with restconf. have you used POSTMAN.

kharade.rohan ( 2016-05-05 01:17:21 -0700 )edit

@ kagouros Same problem here also using beryllium release

bossbeasley ( 2016-05-23 05:39:42 -0700 )edit