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How to write XML into MD-SAL?

asked 2016-03-06 11:33:06 -0700

hwang3 gravatar image

Prior to Lithium SR2 there used to be a utility method which allowed restoring DataObject from XML, namely RestconfUtils.dataObjectFromInputStream. This method was extremely useful for populating data for unit tests. This method has been removed in Li SR2. I wonder what is equivalent method in Li SR2? Someone recommended to create a codec pipeline: parse the XML into DOM, then translate to NormalizedNodes via DomToNormalizedNodeParserFactory, then transform it to DataObjects via binding-data-codec (BindingNormalizedNodeCodecRegistry and friends). Tried two days and still can't make work. Can someone provide a sample code?

Thanks in advance.

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answered 2016-05-30 06:14:04 -0700


I don't know if you already have the answer, but I believe this mail thread could help.

Thanks, Alexis

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