Toaster examples not working

asked 2016-03-03 06:44:11 -0700

hacksaw gravatar image

I am following the Toaster tutorial as defined on the Wiki:

First issue: In many cases the code and XML file examples on the wiki no longer follow what is stored in github.

Second issue: Someone has commented out the repository and feature dependencies for odl-restconf in features.xml. As a result the web container is not starting and you cannot access the toaster though HTTP queries.

Third issue: Working through the Chapter 3 project (after adding the odl-restconf dependency) I am not getting any of the toaster logging statements output to the karaf logs. The HTTP POST to change the darknessFactor is successful, and a query shows it was updated, but no logs from Toaster are being generated. I noticed that the toaster-impl-config.xml on the wiki was different from the one in github, but changing to match made no difference.

It would be great if you can help me get chapter 3 working so I continue through the remaining sections.

Thank you, John

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