adding, deleting and modifying flows using POSTMAN

asked 2016-02-22 16:35:06 -0700

kirancherian gravatar image

Hi, I am newbie to using ODL controller. I was using the POSTMAN from chrome to GETthe topology,inventory statistics etc. What i understand is you can PUT as well by which you can add,modify and delete the flows. I have been looking up examples and reading other documents to understand how it works.

1) What i would like to understand is what all information is needed to be passed to make sure the new or modified flow is set.Do these examples carry all possible combinations?

2) What all are the actions, instruction, match. 3) Can i know what all are the tags that can be used when talking to ODL?

There are trial version controllers from HP which have a GUI where you can set the flows without, well having to know much of how it be being pushed.

Thank you for the help. Much obliged.

Kiran Cherian

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