lithium cluster issue

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I am working on odl cluster with openstack.

there are 3 servers deployed with openstack controller in HA mode via haproxy and keepalived, the 3 servers have its own fixed ip addresses and another virtual ip address which subnet is same as the 3 fixed ip is at one of server that called primary controller, but our intergration tool doesn't freeze which server as primary.

I refer to to deploy ODL Lithium as a cluster also on these 3 servers which openstack controllers are deployed.

I set virtual ip address as ovs manager ip. (ovs-vsctl set-manager tcp:{virtual ip}:6640)

the current problem is : In each akka.conf, I set first server as member-1, second server as member-2, third server as member-3, but the virtual IP sometimes is on the third server or second server, so sometimes ovs don't create vxlan channel when neutron create net/subnet. after I disable odl cluster, it's working fine.

so I want to know the mechanism of odl cluster, like is there a primary node in the cluster which only the primary node could receive the neutron request and dispatch southbounder event to ovs like creating vxlan channel and flow tables etc.

could any one help me this? thanks in advance.

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