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ODL Helium -mininet issue

asked 2016-02-16 23:55:58 -0700

Shaheen gravatar image

I have installed Fedora 20, ODL Helium and mininet. When I try executing simple mininet command in a terminal with other terminal running ODL. I face an error in mininet saying :exception please shut down controller running on port 6653.

Can anyone please elaborate wat is the real issue and how to resolve it? Am I doing anything in a wrong way?

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answered 2016-02-21 22:45:55 -0700

bhavesh07 gravatar image

It's already been resolved as per below thread:

If you are still facing the same issue, try resolving manually :

sudo apt-get install telnet


netstat -nl | grep 6653

If 6653 is in the list, then kill the controller you have running.
If the above command doesn't show any controller instance running,

sudo killall ovs-controller

Clean the mininet instances,

sudo mn -c
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